The end of the Decade

Tomorrow is the last day of this 2019, an year really important for me. But is not just the last day of the old year, is also the last day of this second decade of the 2000s.

In the past 10 years a lots happened to my life (just random order!):

  • 2 boys (Eduardo & Immanuel Klauss) and a girl (Gretha-Marie)
  • Divorce from the Italian wife
  • Marriage with Susan
  • Working for Microsoft
  • Moving to Germany

there are also a lots of other “minor” events, but if I look back well, I just want to say: WOW!

During these years I met a lots of great people and some bad one, I visited a lots of countries (including USA, UK, Greece and of course Germany), I spoke at the Microsoft TechReady in July 2015, I published apps in the most famous stores and in general my skills have been recognized at the highest level.

I’m really thankful for all what happened because the good things made me feel great and from the bad things I learned a lots: what I wish to myself is that the next decade can be as great as the one who’s going to finish tomorrow night.

For all of you I wish you an happy 2020!

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