Not disruptive name changing of the Windows user profile path

Each time I configure a new PC, when I’m asked I do my login with my Microsoft Account (which BTW is great!). The thing is, that my local profile is created with the name “genna” and this sounds (and looks!) ugly to an italian eye 🙂

The point is then how to change or better “fix” this problem without re-installing and/or changing the profile path, which can be a bit “dangerous” in particular if, as I do often, I start immediately with the installation of my software / tools.

What to do then? Well, I do what follows:

  • Firs of all I create a symbolic link in the user folder, setting the name I want (in my case is “gennaro” (mind that “genna” is the “old” name):

MKLINK /J gennaro genna

  • Now you can hide your home directory
  • You can now change the default directory of both cmd.exe and PowerShell. In order to do that, you can search for “Command Prompt” or “PowerShell” in the Start Menu, right click and chose “Open File Location”.
    • At this point you can finally change the “Start in” field from “%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%” to (in my case) “C:\Users\gennaro”
  • In case you want to make sure, that the command prompt window is opened in the “new profile path” also when you executed invoking directly the cmd.exe (as example when pressing windows key-r and typing cmd.exe), you can proceed as follow:
    • Navigate in the registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Command Processor]
    • Create a new string “AutoRun” with value “cd {path to open}” (without the bracket!!)

This fits perfectly my needs and I hope you find it interesting too 🙂

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