How to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on Windows Server 2016

Hi there! Today I share with you some of the things I have found in the last day regarding the install process of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 on Windows Server 2016.

Let me tell you the entire story. All start with the needs to replicate the problem with the import of an organization db on this version of the CRM. I started with the official Microsoft page of the compatibility and I decided to use Windows Server 2012R2 Update 4 + SQL Server 2012 SP4.

I installed all the prerequisites without problems but when it was the time of the CRM Setup, I could not complete (I would say neither start!) the process because the download of the SQL Native Client failed. After had a look at the logs, I have seen this error:

14:47:12| Info| InputResult: Yes
14:47:12| Info| Initializing COM.
14:47:12| Info| Initialized COM.
14:47:12| Info| Requesting download of SQL Native Client installer from
14:47:13| Error| SQL Native Client did not download successfully. To try again, ensure your internet connection is working, then try again.
14:47:13| Error| hr=0xc0040202
14:47:13| Info| Uninitializing COM.
14:47:13| Info| Uninitialized COM.

So far so good, the link “” seems to be broken (in this moment I get an HTTP404 if I try to open the link).

Not a problem, there is an old blog article that explain how to install the product without internet connection. I downloaded the SQL Native Client of SQL Server 2012 and … nothing to do, still same error!

After having made some research on the internet and not having found anything, having tried other ways, I decided to clone one of my other base VM and use more updated software: Windows 2016 + SQL Server 2014.

After installing the OS, SQL and the other stuff, finally the setup started, but I had to fix the following two error:

  • The first is this one:


In this case, the internet research was bringing me to the solution, it seems that all what you need to do is to install the SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 native client.

    • the other error was thisCRM-installation-Error

and in this case the solution do not even requires an internet research, just check that the Windows Search Service (disabled by default in Windows 2016) is up and running.

I hope that this post can save a couple of hours to someone 🙂

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