Hi there and welcome to the page where you can discover my Apps!

GT Uptime

GT Fractals is my new app on the Mac App Store. The very first version can be used to explore and display image of the Mandelbrot Set, probably the most famous Fractal ever.

It’s a really easy app to be used: just drag with your mouse a zooming rectangle and set the image quality using both the iterations (number of calculation per point) and the image quality (pixel density).

Stay tuned, because the Mandelbrot Set it’s just a starting point 🙂

My Uptime (Mac App)


My Uptime was at the beginning a simple app to be used to track the System Uptime. Shortly I added the Awaketime and now two detaileded page: one to monitor the computer usage, the other one to monitor the computer itself.

I’m always happy to receive suggestions and request to improve this app, just in case you want, use the contact form!

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